McCarthy Hall

  • McCarthy Hall Front

    Part of the Towers Area, McCarthy Hall is a four-story building located on Wayne Avenue at the southeast end of the campus. 150 men and women make McCarthy Hall their home during the academic year.

    Hall office phone number (located in Suites on Pratt):  724-357-2386.

    Currently, McCarthy Hall houses men on the first and third floors and women on the ground and second floors. Like all university buildings, McCarthy Hall is smoke-free. Residents and their guest may not smoke anywhere in the building.

    The building diagrams (PDF) may help you choose a room when you apply for housing online.

    Amenities in the building include:

    • A kitchenette
    • Laundry room
    • Lounge with large-screen television, game room, and vending machines
    • Combination study lounge and meeting room and computer lab (5 computers)
    • IUP cable television service and Internet access are available in each room.
    • Students must provide their own televisions and/or computers and cables.

    McCarthy Hall is locked twenty-four hours a day, and residents gain access via their student I-Card. McCarthy students have twenty-four-hour access to the front doors of the Suites on Pratt building so they can access the Living Learning spaces and Residential Computing Center.






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    Standard Room Dimensions

    Although rooms in McCarthy Hall may vary in size, the average room is 11’11½” x 11’11½” (144 square feet) with a window measuring 3’9” x 3’10”. The walls are plaster with a height of nearly eight feet. Rooms are equipped with a dresser, closet, desk, desk chairs, two trash cans (one for recyclables and the other for regular trash), and bed as well as shelves above the desk. The window has a pull-down shade and a curtain rod that requires drapery hooks to attach curtains; curtains are not provided. All furniture can be moved within the room. There is approximately an eight-inch clearance under the bed for storage. The closet has a clothing rod. Lighting is provided in the room via an overhead fluorescent lamp.

    Residents are encouraged to decorate their rooms; however, university-owned furniture cannot be removed from the room. Pictures and posters can be hung using poster putty. Nails, bolts, tacks, glue, or other adhesives cannot be used to affix materials to the walls.