First NameLast NameEmailCampus PhoneSponsor EmailSponsorG98 Multipurpose Room multi-media equipment, lectern, seats 100 w/tables, 150 w/o tablesG89 Training Lab, 30 laptop PCs, 30 seats, 15 tables, Lectern, Projector and Screen (Training Only)203 Study Room 3 tables, 12 chairs387 Study Room 3 tables, 12 chairs203A Resource Room, 4 tables, 10 chairs387A Resource Room, 4 tables, 10 chairs, multimedia cart104 Study Room 1 tables, 4 chairs204 Study Room 1 tables, 4 chairs286 Study Room 1 tables, 4 chairs304 Study Room 1 tables, 4 chairs386 Study Room 1 tables, 4 chairs303 Study Room 6 tables, 24 chairs149 Lounge, 2 tables, 8 chairs249 Lounge, 2 tables, 8 chairs349 Lounge, 2 tables, 8 chairs 0 and contains($uri,'&LangType=-1')"> function ektLocalizeDate(date, id) {setTimeout(function() {if (document.getElementById && 10 == date.length) {var oTempDate = new Date(date.substr(0,4), parseInt(date.substr(5,2),10)-1, date.substr(8,2));document.getElementById(id).innerHTML=(oTempDate.toLocaleDateString ? oTempDate.toLocaleDateString() : oTempDate.toLocaleString());}}, 1); }// Your reservation request for Wallwork Hall has been submitted. You should hear from us shortly." />

Wallwork Hall Reservation Form

  • Use this form to request the use of reservable space in Wallwork Hall.

    Before filling out this form, make sure you have read our policy on the use and scheduling of public space.

    If you are a faculty member or full-time staff member, your I-Card should be programmed for the electronic lock in all Living-Learning spaces in this building.

    In order to allow the best opportunity for a variety of events and organizations to utilize these spaces, reservations will be confirmed for no more than two consecutive weeks. Requests can be resubmitted periodically in order to seek ongoing access to space.

    Notes about reserving G98: If you would like the doors unlocked and unalarmed, please check the “Would you like the doors unlocked and unalarmed if asking for G98?” box and specify any details in “Additional Information.” You are responsible for submitting a workorder for furniture setup (arrangement of tables and chairs, for instance). If you need food service, you are responsible for contacting ARAMARK to arrange catering.

    If you’re requesting the G89 Teaching Lab, please e-mail with any special requests. Please be specific about what sort of training you plan to use the space for. The furniture in this room cannot be moved.

    All information is required unless otherwise specified.

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