Community Service

  • Stephanie Humane SocietyEvery Core unit in the Honors College focuses around a central philosophical question. These questions vary from unit to unit, but there is always a second question that we must answer: what, therefore, should we do? Social service at the Honors College is one way we answer that difficult but important question.

    Like most things in the Honors College, our service program is a little different from what you might expect. We don’t conduct Honors College food drives or one-shot projects designed to rack up hours. Instead, we encourage students to get out into the community and find an organization they’re passionate about. Many students take up long-term positions in the organizations they serve, becoming integral members of the community and vital contributors to their cause. Honors College service goes a step beyond. You can’t collect soda tabs and yogurt lids and expect to slide by in our program. We value meaningful, community-building action.

    Even if altruism isn’t your thing—though we hope it is by the time you leave us—you can still benefit from participating in the Honors College social service program. Many students choose to work with organizations directly related to their major and career goals, making connections that will open doors for them in the future. A Journalism major might be involved in helping publicize the efforts of Habitat for Humanity or the Red Cross. A Health Sciences or Nursing major might want to volunteer for the Bloodmobile. An English major with an interest in film might help out at the local Jimmy Stewart Museum. An Elementary Education major might run a reading program for children at the local library. A History major might work for the local Historical Society. The bottom line is that there are plenty of opportunities and just as many reasons to help.