Independent Study

  • Original form obtained through faculty adviser’s department office

    1. Status: Graduate Student ___ Undergraduate Student ___
    2. Proposed semester: Year ___ Fall ___ Spring ___ Sum I ___ Sum II ___
      1. Students, together with the faculty member supervising Independent Study, must have this approval form processed through the steps listed in section E prior to the end of the late registration process.
    3. Student Information
      1. Social Security number:
      2. Student name:
      3. Student’s mailing address:
    4. Rationale and Plan of Study (sample proposal): In conjunction with a faculty member, prepare an independent study proposal to be attached to this form. The proposal must include:
      1. a rationale for conducting an independent study
      2. the purpose of the study
      3. objectives
      4. activities to accomplish objectives
      5. required reading and/or a bibliography
      6. an evaluation process*
      7. use for special purpose, i.e., liberal studies elective, writing intensive, Honors College, non-western, etc.
      8. number of credits** 
    5. Signature Approvals and Verification:
      1. Faculty Member of Record: (This is the faculty member with whom you will be doing your independent study and who will be grading you.)
      2. Faculty Adviser:
      3. Chairperson: (of the department of the faculty member you will be working with)
      4. College Dean: (again, of your faculty member’s college)
      5. Registrar:

    * It is a good idea to give yourself many opportunities to be evaluated rather than stake your whole grade on a single paper or project.

    ** No student may take more than six credits of Independent Study.