HNRC 102

  • Welcome to the second semester of Honors Core. The policies and expectations of the HNRC 101 syllabus hold for HNRC 102.

    Common Readings for Unit C: What is Art?

    • Blythe Clinchy, On Critical Thinking and Connected Knowing (library e-reserve)
    • Review of all chapters of Asking the Right Questions
    • New York Times – every day (there is an arts section once per week)

    Common Readings for Unit D:How Do We Create and Use the Past?

    • John H. Arnold History: A Very Short Introduction
    • Review of all chapters of Asking the Right Questions.
    • New York Times – every day

    Common Readings should be completed no later than the first small group class, unless your professor’s unit syllabus indicates another reading schedule. Be advised the HNRC 102 faculty expect all students to be thoroughly familiar with Asking the Right Questions and will employ its concepts in class and in journal entries. Students are expected to check e-mail daily—important course announcements may come in this form.


    102 Class Roster

    102 Calendar (pdf)

    Fine Arts Opportunities

    Unit C

    Unit D