The Problem of Plagiarism

  • Most instances of plagiarism are not the blatant downloading of a “College Sucks” borrowed term paper from the Internet but are unintentional misuses of source materials; further, most entering students know that using someone else’s words without quotation marks and citation is plagiarism. But be advised that it is also wrong to paraphrase someone else’s ideas without appropriate citation.

    Plagiarism constitutes a violation of the Honor Code and of IUP policy. Penalties are often severe, so it is important to learn the correct operating definition of plagiarism in the academic world.

    The Core courses do not substitute for a class in research writing in which quotation, citation, etc., will be covered in great depth; for now, suffice it to say that the careful writer avoids plagiarism by always attributing ideas to their authors unless those ideas are common knowledge.

    Become familiar with the academic integrity policy in your IUP Catalog and Student Handbook. Unit instructors also will be happy to discuss academic integrity with the class.

    We wish you an intellectually exciting semester.