The Fine Arts Role

  • One of the great joys of living in a university community is that the fine arts are available in abundance. As witness to this, many people choose a university town as the location for their businesses or professional practices or even as their retirement homes because they relish the opportunity to enjoy the arts.

    Here at IUP, we are blessed with strong and active departments in art, music, and theater. In addition to excellent campus talent, major national and even international performers come to IUP each semester. Unless you eventually end up living in a major city, the lively arts may be more available to you now than they will be at any other time in your life. (This doesn’t even consider the fact that city ticket prices can easily be ten times those on campus.)

    We know that many of you would immerse yourselves in IUP’s cultural life without any encouragement at all from the faculty. But we also know how easy it is to become so engrossed in their individual scholarly pursuits that they do nothing else, and the arts get lost amid the hectic pace of life. When this happens, it is quite simply tragic. An irreplaceable opportunity for growth and enjoyment is lost.

    Because we know that some of you will underestimate how important the arts are for your lives, and because others will, despite good intentions, think themselves too busy, Honors Core includes some intentional pressure for attendance.

    Fine Arts Requirement (part of your Participation Grade)

    To satisfy the Fine Arts requirement for this unit, each student must attend at least two professor-led cultural events. By the first week of class, each professor will post on the HNRC101 Unit A website a particular “cultural event” that he or she is attending. So twice during this unit, students must accompany the professor and participate in all of the pre- and post-event discussions/presentations that ensue. Each professor has the discretion to include a writing assignment or require simple attendance/engagement to satisfy the requirement. Additionally, you are required to attend an opera in Pittsburgh with other HC students, for which the HC will arrange bus transportation.