Group Presentations

  • At the end of each unit, each of the five subgroups takes to the Great Hall stage to do a group presentation for the entire HNRC101 class. This is a way of sharing ideas and insights back and forth among the groups.

    Your group presentation can be creative, clever, witty, provocative, insightful, scholarly, or dramatic; any of these will be appreciated by the audience and will make the day more enjoyable. Past groups of students have had great fun with their presentations.

    More details will be given by your unit professors, but it is important to remember that the purpose of these presentations is both to improve your skill in working with a group and to clearly communicate students in other units what you have been learning in your disciplinary group including your answer to the core question.

    For students who were always the default group leader in high school, it can be quite an adjustment to find that everyone else in your core class also shared that leadership role. Exploring everyone’s ideas and coming to a true group consensus with your core classmates can provide more of a challenge than you might expect. Realize that developing these skills is one of the objectives of core.

    Your group will need to provide enough basic information about what you read, saw, heard, and discussed to enable people who were in other groups to understand you. A good presentation encourages discussion at the end. You will want people to ask you questions that show they understand and are thinking about the ideas you have put before them.