Grading Policy

  • All grading is done by your disciplinary sub-group professors. Your final course grade is an average of the grades you receive from your two professors.

    • 45 percent: Thesis Paper, at least five typed pages, one for each core question. These papers will go through a peer-editing process and at least one revision before being submitted for your professor’s evaluation. Because this revision process involves group work, we do not accept late papers. Deadlines are listed in your schedule. If the paper is late, you have a zero for the editing work involved and you will miss out on any subsequent revision opportunities for that paper.
    • 10 percent: Peer-editing grade.
    • 45 percent: Daily participation. This includes informed, active class participation; group presentations; journal entries; fine arts events, and other assignments as indicated by your unit professors. Your unit professor will tell you how much weight is given to each of these items.
    • Grading Scale: 90-100 A, 80-89 B, 70-79 C, 60-69 D, 0-59 F

    We wish you an intellectually exciting semester.

    This syllabus is subject to change within the dictates of university policy.