Fine Arts Requirement

  • Kyle Payne Theater Alum(part of your Participation Grade) 

    To satisfy the Fine Arts requirement for HNRC101, each student must attend at least two professor-led cultural events (see options below). So, twice during this semester, students must accompany a professor to the event and participate in all of the pre- and post-event discussions/presentations that ensue. Each professor has the discretion to include a writing assignment or require simple attendance/engagement to satisfy the requirement. Additionally you are required to attend the opera in Pittsburgh with other HC students for which the HC will arrange bus transportation. Two percentage points per event will be deducted from your grade by not attending all three events (two of the professor-led events and the opera) this semester. So, students who miss two events will have 4 percent deducted from their grade. For students who go to no events, the penalty will be a 6 percent deduction.

    Approved Fine Arts Events