Attendance and Participation

  • The success of this course depends on your active involvement and participation. You are expected, by your peers and by your professors, to be in class promptly and fully prepared each day. Our concern is not merely for what you miss by absences or lack of preparation, but also for what the rest of us miss as a consequence. We are a community of learners whose minds are expanded by contact with others’ thoughts. When you are absent, or passively silent, the community suffers, and we are the poorer for having been deprived of your knowledge, wit, and wisdom.

    Because all honors-core faculty members take seriously the importance of your committed involvement, we have set a policy that more than one unexcused absence per unit will result in an F grade for this course (and, consequently, in your dismissal from the Honors College). An excused absence is a verifiable illness, emergency, or participation in an official university activity, as defined in the IUP Handbook; authority to grant excused absences resides with your professor. It is your obligation to present your excuse for an absence to professors as soon as possible after your return and to arrange to make up work. Since much of the core class is based on class participation and group efforts, more than a few excused absences will have an impact on your learning experience. Sometimes extended illnesses are dealt with best by a medical withdrawal from the course. Two instances of tardiness count as one absence.