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Application Components

  • Every application for achievement funds should contain:

    • Cover sheet and signature page 
    • Personal statement (reference any Don Asher book or the notebooks in Kevin’s office)
    • Proposal for how funds will be used. This includes:
      • A description of what the enhancement experience will be
      • A justification for this specific experience that details other options explored and explains why this specific opportunity is best
      • A breakdown of costs in table form
      • Explanation of other funding sources I have applied for
      • Status of arrangements: admission status, whether any preliminary arrangements have been made, deadlines/dates for funding, etc.
    • Résumé/vita (reference Don Asher’s College to Career book in Kevin’s office)
    • Four-year plan 
    • Letter to HC alumni asking them to donate to the Achievement Fund to support my application

    Be sure to take a look at the sample application.

  • Sample Achievement Application
    An example of a quality achievement fund proposal.
    Sample Financial Overview
    An example of the financial overview required in an achievement fund application.
    Sample Expenditure Sheet
    A sample of a cost breakdown which may accompany the financial overview in an achievement fund application.
    Achievement Fund Cover Sheet
    This coversheet must be completed and submitted with your Achievement Fund proposal.
    Achievement Fund Signature Page
    This page must be signed and submitted with your Achievement Fund application.