Honors Core 201

  • You’ll revisit the Humanities to answer two final questions:

    • Unit G: How do we understand the sacred? What, therefore, should we do?
    • Unit H: Must the need for social order conflict with the need for individual liberty? What, therefore, should we do?

    You’ll also become more involved in advanced coursework in your major. Some departments offer honors courses and programs. This is a great time to start thinking about writing an undergraduate thesis or planning a senior project.

    This is also a great time to do an internship or study abroad for a semester or a whole year. Because we believe that these external experiences are so vital to your education, we allow the Junior Core sequence to be flexible. If you want to study abroad or intern during your junior year, you can postpone Junior Core until your senior year.

    Common Syllabus

    HNRC 201 First Day Reading: Robert Bellah

    HNRC 201 First Day Reading: James Boyd White

    HNRC 201 First Day Reading: Blythe Clinchy