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Changing Majors

  • To change your major to a B.A. in History or Social Studies Education, please come by the History office and fill out a change of major form. To switch into the Social Studies Education program, you will need to have a 3.0 overall GPA. The history office is located at 203 Keith Hall (second floor). It usually takes about six weeks to process the change of major request. If you need to speak to an advisor before your paperwork is processed, please speak to the departmental secretary about the possibility of being assigned an advisor.

    If you are switching from history to another major, please visit that major’s office to obtain the needed paperwork and to learn if there are any prerequisites before you would be allowed to switch into that major. Please speak to someone in that office about advising, since the History faculty members are most likely unfamiliar with department’s courses and requirements and probably will not be able to advise you correctly.