• Data about IUP prospective students (“recruits”), applicants and students are housed in IUP’s student information system, Banner. Coordinators can run reports about these populations by using “Online Reporting” or by “Direct Access.”

    Online Reporting

    To access online reporting, access the Banner system and click the “Online Reporting” block. You will need your username and network password to access online reporting. Once logged in, you will be able to select the population about which you would like to report.

    These reports will provide Recruit and Applicant information by term. Download step-by-step instructions about how to use Online Reporting.

    Direct Access

    Access Banner screens directly to run your Pending Admissions and Inquiry reports. These reports differ from Online Reporting in a few ways:

    1. The Pending Admission report provides information about specific items missing from an applicant’s file.
    2. Either report can be run using a “%” sign to access data for all terms, whereas Online Reporting is term-based for recruits (inquiries) and applicants.

    To run these reports access the Banner system and click the “Banner” block. Download step-by-step instructions for running your Pending Admissions report.

    Alternate PIN

    Students are required to enter an "Alternate PIN" to register during the fall and spring semesters.  The Alternate PIN is provided by the student’s adviser.

    Download instructions for viewing your advisee list and their Alternate PINs.

    Additional Assistance

    If you need assistance with running your reports, contact Eric Litzinger, director of Graduate Admissions: