• Graduate Fee

    During the Fall semester, the SGSR transfers ESF (Graduate Fee) dollars directly into departmental ESF accounts. Coordinators are notified by the Graduate Dean’s office when the funds have been transferred and the amount*. Academic Affairs provides more information about Graduate Services Fee and also Graduate Fee guidelines.

    Procurement services provides an online "How to Purchase Supplies, Equipment, and Services" that includes information about SAP navigation, entering requisitions, and more.

    *The formula is that which is used for GA calculations.

    Marketing Funding Requests

    We have various digital and limited traditional marketing options that are available to all graduate coordinators. Some of the platforms we use currently are:

    • Google Adwords (search/display/international),
    • GradSchools.com,
    • Hot Courses.com (international),
    • the Griffon (military magazine/website), JetSpring (chat service),
    • and Facebook-sponsored ad and LinkedIn ads.
    • In addition, GRE mail lists are available for purchasing and website development services are offered. 

    Contact Simon Stuchlik, director of Marketing, for additional information: stuchlik@iup.edu

    Research Funding

    Review detailed information about Internal and External funding opportunities.