Graduate Coordinator Resources

  • Graduate Coordinator Resource PortalThe SGSR appreciates the efforts of each graduate coordinator. Our goal is to provide you with the support you need to manage and maintain your graduate program.

    Whether you are a new graduate coordinator or a seasoned one, you are just a few clicks away from having all the answers*!

    *Please note that some content is password protected. You will need your IUP network username and password to access this content.

  • Graduate Coordinator Meetings Dates and Minutes
    Graduate Assistantships
    Find instructions for selecting graduate assistants, completing the graduate assistant award form, and making sure your graduate assistants complete the necessary clearances and paperwork before they begin working.
    Information about funding provided by the SGSR and how to request funding.
    Resources and explanations to help you better understand your role within the admission process.
    Resources and materials to assist in generating and reading reports.
    Roles and Responsibilities
    Overview of roles and responsibilities, meeting dates, and minutes.
    Details and instructions for ensuring degree requirements are met.
    Curriculum Development
    Samples of Senate agenda items and curriculum proposals, and other resources for faculty members.
    Thesis Dissertation Information
    Orientation and Advising
    Information about orientation and advising policies and resources.