2014-2015 Doctor of Philosophy Degrees

  • Ph.D. in Administration and Leadership Studies, Nonprofit and Public Sectors
    The Ph.D. program in Administration and Leadership Studies (ALS) is designed to educate leaders in human services, health care, state and local government agencies, higher education, and other public and nonprofit organizations. This program is offered by the Sociology Department in collaboration with the Department of Economics.
    Ph.D. in Communications Media and Instructional Technology
    The Ph.D. in Communications Media and Instructional Technology is designed to develop scholars who are prepared to conduct advanced research and are experts in communications theory; the impact of media on culture; and the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of training.
    Ph.D. in Criminology
    IUP graduate programs in Criminology are designed to prepare students for careers in academia and for upper-level administrative positions in various fields of justice.  
    Ph.D. in English, Composition and TESOL
    The program is designed to meet the needs of English and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) instructors at two year and four year colleges and universities.
    Ph.D. in English, Literature, and Criticism
    The Ph.D. in English, Literature and Criticism program is designed for present or future teachers at the college or university level. Classes can be taken during a traditional academic-year cycle or during a summer-only program for established teachers.
    Ph.D. in Nursing
    The Ph.D. in Nursing is designed to develop nurse scholars who are experts in nursing pedagogy and are prepared to conduct advanced research.