MEd in School Counseling

  • Professional School Counselors (K-12) - To qualify for K-12 institutional endorsement and commonwealth certification, students must complete a 60-credit-hour, competency-based program to include a series of counseling skills courses, including practicums at the elementary schools and secondary schools level, and complete a 600 hour field experience under the supervision of a certified school counselor. The program is accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP) and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).

    Degree/Program Requirements

    Students completing the Masters of Education Degree and seeking Commonwealth School Counseling certification will take the following courses:

    GSR 615 Elements of Research 3 cr.
    COUN 613 Counseling Children 3 cr.
    COUN 615   Counseling Across the Life-Span 3 cr.
    COUN 617 Basic Counseling Skills 3 cr.
    COUN 618 Multicultural and Diversity Issues in Counseling 3 cr.
    COUN 621 Introduction to Professional School Counseling 3 cr.
    COUN 624 Assessment Procedures for School Counselors 3 cr.
    COUN 636 Career Counseling 3 cr.
    COUN 628 Management of Professional School Counseling Programs 3 cr.
    COUN 637 Counseling and Consultation Theory 3 cr.
    COUN 639 Group Counseling 3 cr.
    COUN 667 Elementary Practicum 3 cr.
    COUN 659 Secondary Practicum 3 cr.
    COUN 672 Counseling and Consulting within Systems 3 cr.
    COUN 677 Crisis and Addictions Counseling 3 cr.
    COUN 682 Counseling Students/Clients with Disabilities 3 cr.
    COUN 720 Professional Orientation and Ethical Practice in Counseling 3 cr.
    COUN 755 Field Experience 6 cr.
    ELECTIVE   3 cr.
    TOTAL       60 cr.

    Total 60 cr.

    For current students, each year an evaluation of student academic, clinical, and professional competence will be made. Students will receive formal feedback based on the outcome of the evaluation results and a joint effort will be made to remediate any deficiencies. Serious deficiencies may result in recommendations for remedial work, delay of candidacy, or termination from the program. Students must pass all practicum experiences with a B or better in order to advance to internship/field experience.

    Admissions Criteria

    While teaching experience is not a prerequisite for admission and school counselor certification in Pennsylvania, candidates for school certification must meet additional Pennsylvania Department of Education standards that include 3 additional credits in Special Education/Students with disabilities and 2 credits in English Language Learners. These additional requirements can be met through previous undergraduate or graduate coursework. Applications for certification MUST show evidence of this coursework to be eligible for certification endorsement.

    Prospective students for the Master of Education and school certification programs must meet departmental admissions requirements and procedures in addition to those of the School of Graduate Studies and Research. Prospective students should contact the department to determine these requirements. Applicants are required to attend an admission workshop as the final step in the admissions process. Applicants should contact the department to obtain the dates of deadlines for completed applications to be received by the School of Graduate Studies and Research.