MEd in Mathematics

  • The Master of Education in Mathematics is ideal for secondary mathematics teachers. Its purpose is to provide an opportunity for students to increase their knowledge of mathematics and to become aware of research and innovations in mathematics education.

    Course requirements and electives come from several departments: Foundations of Education (FDED), Educational Psychology (EDSP), Counselor Education (COUN), Special Education (EDEX), and Mathematics (MATH, ELMA).

    Program requirements

    A minimum of 30 semester hours must be completed by each candidate for the Master of Education degree, according to the following:

    I. Foundations of Education Electives (3 cr.)

    FDED 514 Comparative Foundations of Education 3 cr.
    FDED 611 Historical Foundations of Education 3 cr.
    FDED 612 Philosophical Foundations of Education 3 cr.
    FDED 613 Social Foundations of Education 3 cr.

    II. Educational Psychology Electives (3 cr.)

    EDSP 704 Advanced Educational Psychology 3 cr.
    EDSP 573 Psychology of Adolescent Education 3 cr.
    EDSP 576 Behavior Problems 3 cr.
    EDSP 578 Learning 3 cr.
    COUN 629 Group Procedures (Child) 3 cr.
    COUN 639 Group Counseling 3 cr.
    EDEX 650 Exceptional Children and Youth 3 cr.

    III. Research Requirement (3 cr.)

    GSR 615 Elements of Research 3 cr.

    IV. Mathematics Education Electives (6 cr.)

    MATH 650 History of Mathematics 3 cr.
    MATH 651 Seminar in Teaching Junior High School Mathematics 3 cr.
    MATH 652 Seminar in Teaching Senior High School Mathematics 3 cr.
    MATH 654 Curriculum and Supervision in Mathematics 3 cr.
    ELMA 651 The Laboratory Approach to Teaching Mathematics* 3 cr.
    ELMA 652 Diagnosis and Remedial Teaching of Mathematics* 3 cr.
    ELMA 653 Mathematics for the Gifted Student* 3 cr.

    V. Mathematics Content Electives (15 cr.)

    A. Required unless comparable courses have been completed at the undergraduate level (0-6cr.)

    MATH 521 Advanced Calculus I 3 cr.
    MATH 576 Abstract Algebra I 3 cr.

    B. Any graduate-level mathematics content courses other than those listed in part A (9-15 cr.)

    *With special permission from the advisor, these courses are acceptable for fulfillment of the Mathematics Education requirement.