2013-2014 Master of Education Degrees

  • MEd in Educational Psychology
    The MEd in Educational Psychology provides a broad theoretical and practical background in the areas of education and psychology. It prepares students who are planning to pursue certification in school psychology after the master’s degree, those seeking to broaden their understanding of human development and learning, and those seeking to learn more about educational evaluation and research.
    MEd in Business Workforce Development
    The MEd in Business Workforce Development is offered by the Department of Technology Support and Training. This program includes a core curriculum plus one of three areas of specialization: Business, Computer, and Information Technology; Workforce Development; and Administrative.
    MEd in Education
    The. MEd in Education prepares educators to be research oriented and to be more effective and innovative in classrooms, in schools, and in communities.
    MEd in Education of Exceptional Persons
    The MEd program addresses the educational needs of four types of graduate students: Those who hold Pennsylvania Mentally and/or Physically Handicapped certification; those who hold another teaching certificate who wish to earn special education certification while working toward an M.Ed. degree in Education of Exceptional Persons; those who hold another teaching certificate who wish to earn special education certification without earning the M.Ed. degree; and those who do not want to qualify for a teaching certificate but who wish to work professionally with persons with disabilities. 
    MEd in Elementary and Middle School Mathematics Education
    The MEd program prepares students to serve as resource teachers, mathematics teachers in departmentalized situations, coordinators, or in other leadership roles in an elementary or middle school mathematics program. The program meets credit requirements for Instructional Level II certification.
    MEd in Health and Physical Education
    This program is designed for current health and physical educators who are certified teachers in Pennsylvania seeking to enhance their skills as educators, teachers who are certified in a different area and wish to add health and physical education to their certificate, or for those who currently have a nonteaching bachelor’s degree and wish to become certified health and physical educators.
    MEd in Literacy and or Reading Specialist Certification
    This degree is offered to educators certified in teaching who are pursuing graduate studies in reading and literacy theories, research, and instructional practices.
    MEd in Mathematics
    The MEd in Mathematics is ideal for secondary mathematics teachers and provides an opportunity for students to increase their knowledge of mathematics and to become aware of research and innovations in mathematics education. 
    MEd in School Counseling
    This program prepares students to become Pennsylvania-certified School Counselors.