M.A. in Spanish

  • The Master of Arts in Spanish is a program of advanced study in the combined areas of foreign language pedagogy, Hispanic literatures and cultures, and Spanish language. The program will include 30 hours of graduate course credit plus a six-credit thesis or 36 hours of graduate course credit without a thesis.

    The program is divided into two tracks: the Applied Linguistics and Pedagogy track and the Literatures and Cultures track, with both tracks sharing a common core of five classes. The core’s five courses are taught in Spanish and integrate a wide variety of communicative modes (interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational), lexicon, regional dialects, etc., to challenge and sharpen students’ linguistic skills. At its heart, the core is designed to give all students a broad, integrated, and holistic introduction to the field, including language pedagogy, Hispanic linguistics, historical linguistics, and theoretically informed study of culture, as well as a skill-based introduction to research and writing within the subspecializations within the field. The two tracks will build upon the base established in the core and provide advanced study in each track’s area of specialization.

    Admission Criteria

    Students applying to this master’s must meet the following requirements:

    1. Fulfill general requirements for admission to the School of Graduate Studies and Research for a master’s degree.
    2. Have either a B.A. or B.S.Ed. in Spanish (with at least a 3.0 GPA) or another bachelor’s-level degree (with at least a 3.0 GPA) and be approved by the program’s graduate director on the basis of spoken and written Spanish.
    3. Submit an official ACTFL Oral Proficiency rating, received within the last six years.

    Program Goals

    It is the intention of this program to enable candidates to develop:

    1. the ability to use Spanish professionally at the Advanced level (as defined in the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines).
    2. a broad and interdisciplinary understanding of the general field of Spanish, with a more profound understanding of their specific track.
    3. highly specialized knowledge of either Applied Linguistics and Teaching Methodology, as they pertain to Spanish, or of the literatures and cultures of the Spanish-speaking world.
    4. the ability to understand, conceptualize, and complete advanced research in their area of track specialization .

    Program Requirements

    Core Classes (15 cr.)

    SPAN 611 Teaching Spanish: Theories, Approaches, and Issues 3 cr.
    SPAN 612 Introduction to Scholarship in Spanish Applied Linguistics and Hispanic Literatures 3 cr.
    SPAN 613 Introduction to Spanish Linguistics 3 cr.
    SPAN 614 History of the Spanish Language 3 cr.
    SPAN 615 The Study of Hispanic Culture 3 cr.

    Track (choose one of the two):

    Applied Linguistics/Teaching Methodology Track (15 cr.)

    SPAN 553 Spanish Phonetics and Phonemics 3 cr.
    SPAN 625 Integrating Instruction and Assessment in the Spanish Curriculum 3 cr.
    SPAN 630 The Discourses of the Spanish Classroom 3 cr.
    SPAN 720 Seminar: Current Topics in the Teaching of Spanish 3 cr.
    SPAN 725 Action Research in the Teaching of Spanish 3 cr.

    Literatures and Cultures Track (15 cr.)

    Four of the following:

    SPAN 510 Medieval Literature 3 cr.
    SPAN 511 Golden Age Spanish 3 cr.
    SPAN 512 Spanish Novel of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries 3 cr.
    SPAN 513 Spanish Poetry, Nineteenth Century to the Present 3 cr.
    SPAN 520 Modern Hispanic Theater 3 cr.
    SPAN 531 Spanish-American Poetry 3 cr.


    SPAN 750 Seminar: Current Topics in the Teaching of Hispanic Literatures and Cultures

    Completion Method (6 cr.)

    SPAN 795 Thesis 6 cr.

    Successful completion of thesis


    Comprehensive Exam

    Elective Coursework, as approved by program director 6 cr.

    Successful completion of Comprehensive Exam