2013-2014 Policies

  • Involuntary Withdrawal Policy
    The Involuntary Withdrawal Policy provides a procedure for determining whether an identified student's behavior poses a Direct Threat and for responding to such behavior.
    Academic Credits and Student Status
    Full-time and part-time student definitions.
    Academic Good Standing
    Minimum cumulative graduate quality point average information, doctoral and masters,for good academic standing.
    Graduate students are expected to contact their academic advisor or program coordinator for course registration advisement.
    Candidacy Exam
    In departments which require it, the candidacy examination is administered by the department in the student’s field of specialization. 
    Comprehensive Exam
    This examination is given to determine the student’s progress in the degree field and fields related to it and the student’s likelihood of success in his her research dissertation phase.
    Course Auditing
    Rules related to graduate course auditing. 
    Course Numbering
    Graduate-level course number system information.
    Course Overlap in Degree Programs
    Guidelines about using the same course for credit in two different IUP graduate degree programs.
    Course Repeat Policy
    Graduate students may repeat “C” or “F” grades according to the Course Repeat Policy.