D.Ed. in Administration and Leadership Studies

  • The doctoral program in Administration and Leadership Studies is designed to educate future school superintendents and college administrators. The 60-credit graduate program will admit approximately twenty candidates who will remain together as a cohort group for three years. Classes are scheduled Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. approximately once a month.

    The program focuses on budgeting techniques, communication skills, team building, leadership theory, conflict resolution, implementing change, research, adult development, and case studies. The monthly seminars combine theory with actual projects that candidates are expected to implement in the workplace. The curriculum is designed to accommodate the schedules of working administrators.

    Admissions Criteria

    Potential candidates must take part in a one-hour interview at IUP. The interview and writing examination are designed to identify candidates who will be admitted into the three-year program. All applicants should be current administrators and have at least two years of administrative experience.

    Program Requirements

    Core (18 cr.)

    ALS 810 Advanced Topics in Human Development and Learning 3 cr.
    ALS 850 School and Community 3 cr.
    ALS 801 Leadership Theories 3 cr.
    ALS 802 Leadership: A Case Study Approach 3 cr.
    ALS 803 Leadership: Applied Practice 3 cr.
    ELR/HSAD 751 Conflict Resolution 3 cr.

    Research (18 cr.)

    ALS 820 Doctoral Seminar in Research Methods 3 cr.
    ALS 882 Research Instrument Design for Leadership Studies 3 cr.
    ALS 883 Analysis of Qualitative Data in Leadership Studies 3 cr.
    ALS 995 Dissertation 9 cr.

    Internship (6 cr.)

    ALS 898 Internship in Administration and Leadership Studies 6 cr.

    Educational Administration (15 cr.)

    ALS 805 Curriculum Evaluation 3 cr.
    ALS 825 Critical Analysis of Issues in Education 3 cr.
    ALS 830 Analysis of Effective Instruction 3 cr.
    ALS 860 School Finance 3 cr.
    ALS 858 School Law and Negotiations 3 cr.
    ALS 845 Administrative Procedures 3 cr.
    ALS 852 School Evaluation 3 cr.
    ALS 856 School Administration 3 cr.
    CURR 915 Writing for Professional Publication 3 cr.
    ELR 751 Conflict Resolution 3 cr.

    Elective (3 cr.)