MKTG: Marketing

  • Department of Marketing

    Eberly College of Business and Information Technology

    MKTG 521/* Marketing Research 3 cr.

    Research procedures and techniques applicable to problem solving in the marketing field. Critical analysis of research techniques with considerable emphasis placed on the use of information gathered. Prerequisite: MKTG 320.

    MKTG 530/* International Marketing 3 cr.

    International marketing is analyzed with consideration given to the significance of government regulation, organization structures of export and import enterprises, and credit policies. Prerequisite: MKTG 320.

    MKTG 533 Advertising 3 cr.

    An introduction to the principles, practices, and creations of advertising. Use of various media and legal, economics, social, and ethical aspects of advertising are also considered.
    Prerequisite: MKTG 603 Marketing Management 

    MKTG 534 Marketing Logistics 3 cr.

    This upper-division course focuses on planning, organizing, and controlling the marketing logistics function. In addition to the acquisition and application of management science methods, students will integrate and apply previously gained knowledge to analyze and solve complex marketing logistics problems. Areas of major concentration include facility location, transportation, inventory management, and customer service. Prerequisites: MKTG 320 and MGMT 330 or equivalent of each.

    MKTG 539/* Internet Marketing 3 cr.

    Presents a strategic framework for developing marketing strategies on the Internet. Extends the marketing mix framework to e-commerce using current theories and applications in on-line product, on-line pricing, web-based marketing communication, and distribution strategies. Other topics include marketing research on the Internet, electronic retailing, Internet-based customer relationship management, and legal-ethical dimensions of e-marketing. Students will use Internet-based on-line marketing cases. Prerequisite: MKTG 320 or equivalent.

    MKTG 543/* New Product Design and Branding 3 cr.

    Discusses the new product design, development, branding and launch process companies use to bring a new concept to market by satisfying customer’s unmet needs. It blends the perspectives of marketing, design, and the process of product creation. A step-by-step process from product planning and concept generation to commercialization and product launch planning will be covered.
    Prerequisite: MKTG 603 Marketing Management. 

    MKTG 544/* Green Marketing 3 cr.

    Entails a diverse perspective to understanding the impact of human consumption on the environment and development of marketing strategies to improve the human-environment interaction through creation, communication, and delivery of superior value and customer relationship management.
    Prerequisite: MKTG 603 Marketing Management 

    MKTG 545/* Social Media Marketing 3 cr.

    Explores the online marketing activities, practices, and interactions of individuals and organizations using conversational electronic media. Assorted social media interactive networking tools and applications will be examined. Students will study and develop social media marketing programs.
    Prerequisite: MKTG 603 Marketing Management. 

    MKTG 546 Marketing Ethics/* 3 cr.

    Applies major ethical theories to marketing problems, focuses on resolving dilemmas and vested interests of primary and secondary stakeholders, and addresses ethical issues of importance to marketing managers. Various topics cover ethical issues in relation to strategic planning, marketing research, product, pricing, distribution, and promotion decisions. The course also discusses issues concerning digital ethical marketing, marketing ethics in global context, and managing and leading ethical marketing systems.
    Prerequisite: MKG 603 Marketing Management 

    MKGT 550 Marketing Strategy 3 cr.

    Designed to develop marketing and business decision-making skills to evaluate real-world business situations, analyze marketing problems and scenarios, and produce solutions in the form of marketing and business strategies. Involves analysis based on quantification of marketing decisions and problem-solving scenarios using exercises and in-depth case studies which develop analytical reasoning. Integrates knowledge of marketing and other business management functions into marketing strategy development, implementation, and control using either a marketing plan or marketing simulation exercises. Readings on classic and emerging issues will provide applied perspectives of marketing in the business environment.
    Prerequisite:MKGT 603 Marketing Management 

    MKTG 581 Special Topics in Marketing 1-3 cr.

    Covers advanced or exploratory topics within the discipline. Specific content is developed by the instructor. Content will vary, depending upon the interests of the instructor and the students’ need and demand for the advanced or exploratory topic. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor and Eberly College of Business and Information Technology graduate coordinator.

    MKTG 603 Marketing Management 3 cr.

    An analytical and quantitative approach to decision making and the planning, development, implementation, and control of a marketing program. Prerequisite: MKTG 320.

    MKTG 606 Advances in Global Marketing 3 cr.

    Deals with current and classical global marketing issues including the globalization phenomenon, firms’ marketing strategies directed at dealing with it, and other emerging issues in the global marketplace. The discussion will specifically target managerial and strategic aspects pertaining to the firm’s foreign market entry, product, pricing, promotion, and distribution decisions in the global context.

    MKTG 650 International Business 3 cr.

    Provides the student with the knowledge needed for operating effectively in a global economy. Examines the operations of firms functioning in the global market place. Focuses on how these companies function in a globally integrated economy through sophisticated networks of alliances, mergers and acquisitions, and integrated systems of knowledge and product flows. The course highlights the necessity for companies to balance the need for global integration while responding to national/cultural variations.

    MKTG 681 Special Topics in Marketing 3 cr.

    Covers advanced or exploratory topics within the discipline. Specific content developed by instructor. Content will vary, depending upon the interests of instructor and students, with the instructor choosing specific topics. May be repeated by specific approval. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor and of the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology graduate coordinator.

    MKTG 698 MBA Internship 1.5 or 3 cr.

    A planned, field-based, individually designed, and faculty-supervised work-experience to enhance the student’s professional competence in Business Administration and selected functional area. Maximum of 3 credits can be applied towards MBA electives. Prerequisites: Completion of 15 graduate credits and approval of department chair and graduate coordinator.

    MKTG 699 Independent Study in Marketing 1-3 cr.

    With the approval of the department, students will select one or more topics of critical importance in the field and will meet with faculty for independent reading, analysis, and evaluation. Prerequisite: Approval of department chairperson and Eberly College of Business and Information Technology graduate coordinator.

    MKTG 795 Thesis 4-6 cr.

    For students writing the thesis, MKTG 795 should be scheduled for the semester in which they plan to complete their work. The thesis is a committee thesis (4-6 cr.) for which the student’s advisor, two additional faculty members, the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology graduate coordinator, and/or the representative of the dean of the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology may constitute the committee.

    *Indicates dual-listed class