EDUC: Education

  • Department of Professional Studies in Education

    College of Education and Educational Technology

    EDUC 581 Special Topics 1-3 cr.

    EDUC 590 Improving Professional Practice in Instructional Settings 1-3 cr.


    EDUC 591 Improving Professional Practice in Instructional Settings 1-3 cr.

    Reviews current research in instructional practices, motivational techniques, and professional issues. May focus on any of these aspects of teaching, learning, or professional practice. May be presented with a kindergarten through grade twelve, elementary, middle school, secondary, or adult orientation. Offered only for continuous professional development and may not be applied toward a graduate degree. Prerequisite: Appropriate teaching certificate or other professional credential or preparation.

    EDUC 858 School Law and Negotiations 3 cr.

    An understanding of legal principles as they pertain to functions of personnel in public school systems and to persons engaged in education. Study of statutory enactments, review of court actions through case studies, and analysis of collective negotiation law.

    EDUC 702 Reading Practicum: Diagnostic Case 3 cr.

    EDUC 703 Reading Practicum: Remedial Case 3 cr.

    EDUC 731 Curriculum Development 3 cr.

    Students learn curriculum development by differentiating among educational goals, objectives, and learning activities. Sources of curriculum goals and objectives, such as needs assessment, philosophical models, and psychological models are studied. The design and selection of learning activities, as well as designs for evaluating the effectiveness of curriculum, are considered.

    EDUC 751 Recent Issues and Innovations in Education 3 cr.

    Newer trends in classroom procedure, equipment, and materials, as well as problems involved in improvement of instruction. Whenever possible, sessions are held to demonstrate and use recently developed materials. Individual research and field trips involve many of the new programs in elementary education.

    EDUC 752 School Evaluation 3 cr.

    Current models for both formative and summative evaluations are presented with emphasis on their application to school programs and other educational projects. Prior knowledge of curriculum development and/or project proposals is helpful but not required.

    EDUC 781 Special Topics 1-3 cr.