COSC: Computer Science

  • Department of Computer Science

    College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

    COSC 581 Special Topics in Computer Science 3 cr.

    Seminar in advanced topics from computer science; content will vary, depending on the interests of the instructor and students (consult department for currently planned topics). May be repeated for additional credit. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.

    COSC 604 Elements of Internet Programming 3 cr.

    Focuses on writing platform-independent, object-oriented programs that are usable across the Internet. The language uses a write-once, run-anywhere approach, while providing adequate security. Course covers input and output, applets, graphics primitives, control structures, encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism, event-based processing, animations, multithreading, exception handling, sandbox security, networking, and java beans. Prerequisite: COSC 110 or equivalent programming course.