BTST: Business Technology Support and Training

  • Department of Technology Support and Training

    Eberly College of Business and Information Technology

    BTST 542/* Training Methods in Business and Information Technology Support 3 cr.

    Includes the application of theories of adult learning to planning, delivering, and evaluating training for education and information technology. Major emphasis is placed on the planning of instruction, classroom management, evaluation and follow-up methods, and evaluation of training strategies.

    BTST 581 Special Topics in Business Technology 1-3 cr.

    Covers advanced or exploratory topics within the discipline. Specific content is developed by the instructor. Content will vary, depending upon the interests of the instructor and the students’ need and demand for the advanced or exploratory topic. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor and Eberly College of Business and Information Technology graduate coordinator.

    BTST 614 Instructional Computing Basics 3 cr.

    Introduces students to the practical use of the computer as a tool for enhancing effectiveness and efficiency in teaching/learning and training and development. Learners explore the use of the computer in school and nonschool teaching or training and development settings, conduct critical evaluation of computer-based instructional/training materials, and develop strategies for integrating computing into the total teaching/training and development environment. Current research in the area of instructional computing and its practical implications for teaching and training and development are also discussed.

    BTST 631 Interactive Multimedia 3 cr.

    Provides an introduction to designing and producing computer-generated multimedia presentations and courseware for industry and education. Prerequisite: BTST 614 or permission of the instructor.

    BTST 642 Training with Technology 3 cr.

    Occupations are analyzed, needs are assessed, and strategies are developed for designing training in high-technology settings. In-depth discovery and use of training technologies will be experienced. Development of course objectives, training outlines, and use of cutting-edge technological delivery techniques will be addressed. Prerequisite: BTST 542

    BTST/IFMG 644 IT Policy and Strategy 3 cr.

    Investigates strategic perspectives for aligning competitive strategy, core competencies, and information systems. Students will study the development and implementation of policies and plans to achieve organizational goals. They will also define the systems that support the operational, administrative, and strategic needs of the organization, its business units, and individual employees. Students will study and apply different approaches to managing the information systems function in organizations, including examination of the dual challenges of effectively controlling the use of well-established information technologies. Students will also study the different roles of the chief information officer.

    BTST 650 Issues and Trends in Business/Workforce Development 3 cr.

    Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, explores current issues and trends in business and technology education. Topics include the integration of technology in the classroom and trends in educational initiatives. Participants have an opportunity to use the Internet as a research tool, a high-tech workstation, and the latest presentation software.

    BTST 655 Emerging Information Technologies 3 cr.

    Provides participants with up-to-date experience in areas of rapidly changing technology in end-user environments. Focuses on topics of particular interest to Information Technology Support professionals and resource management techniques applied to business situations. Participants will be provided with up-to-date experience in integrating new technologies into the enterprise. Areas of concentration include software solutions and hardware environments.

    BTST 656 Applied Research in Business/Workforce Development 3 cr.

    An examination of methods and techniques of research in office systems and business education. Students select a research topic and conduct an actual study on an individualized basis or as part of a small group. A formal research report is an end product of the course. Prerequisite: GSR 615.

    BTST/IFMG 663 Project Management for Information Technology Professionals 3 cr.

    Investigates strategies for managing projects within an organizational context, including the processes related to initiating, planning, executing, controlling, reporting, and closing a project. Students will study project integration, scope, time, cost, quality control, and risk management. Students will identify project champions and will work with user teams, training, and documentation. Students will also investigate the role of the information systems specialist.

    BTST 665 Information Security in the Enterprise 3 cr.

    Provides a broad overview of the threats to the security of information systems, with emphasis on the tools for information security and areas of training and emphasis needed in organizations to reach and maintain a state of acceptable security.

    BTST 670 Organizational Communication 3 cr.

    Investigates all levels of organizational communication. Students will identify, evaluate, and develop communications appropriate for various internal and external constituents of the corporation. In this process, students learn principles of corporate imaging, identity, and reputation building. Students will study and apply advanced communication skills required for leadership, executive responsibilities, and group dynamics. Emphasis will be on active learning. Cases and exercises will help develop team-building skills and insights into the problems faced by teams. The influence of emerging team structures will be explored through simulations and various communication technologies, including the virtual environment.

    BTST 675 Web Design Theory and Application 3 cr.

    Emphasis on the integration of research and the creation of websites to support users’ information needs. Covers research strategies, website design, implementation, and evaluation.

    BTST 680 Technical Update 1-3 cr.

    Designed to provide students with up-to-date experiences in areas of rapidly changing technology. Offerings focus on topics of particular interest to business teachers in high-technology settings.

    BTST 681 Special Topics 3 cr.

    BTST/IFMG 682 Integrating the Enterprise, IS Function, and Technologies 3 cr.

    Investigates the information systems role in transforming organizations and industries. Students study an integrated view of the organization from an external and internal perspective. Students will also study IS’s internal role in integrating the enterprise through a cohesive set of business processes and functional applications to meet business needs. Students will discuss the tactical/operational responsibilities and roles of the chief information officer and governance considerations that link the IS-business organizations. Students will study the current/emerging issues in creating and coordinating the key activities necessary to manage the day-to-day operations of the IS function. Students will also study the development of an integrated technical architecture to serve organizational needs in a rapidly changing competitive and technological environment.

    BTST 698 MBA Internship 1.5 cr. or 3 cr.

    A planned, field-based, individually designed, and faculty-supervised work-experience to enhance the student’s professional competence in Business Administration and selected functional area. Maximum of 3 credits can be applied towards MBA electives. Prerequisites: Completion of 15 graduate credits and approval of department chair and graduate coordinator.

    BTST 699 Independent Study in Business 1-3 cr.

    Individual research and analysis of contemporary problems and issues in a concentrated area of study under the guidance of a senior faculty member. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor, departmental chairperson, and Eberly College of Business and Information Technology dean.

    BTST 795 Thesis 1-3 cr.

    *Indicates dual-listed class