ARHI: Art History

  • Department of Art

    College of Fine Arts

    ARHI 507 Medieval Art 3 cr.

    Art and architecture of Europe during Middle Ages, beginning with the study of Early Christian and Byzantine Art and with art of the Romanesque and Gothic periods.

    ARHI 508 Italian Renaissance Art 3 cr.

    Art History majors, by special arrangement. Covers span of Italian art from 1400s through 1850 and Mannerist movement. Special attention paid to great masters of the period.

    ARHI 509 Baroque and Rococo Art 3 cr.

    General survey of art from 1575 to 1775. Will include architecture, sculpture, painting, and other arts.

    ARHI 581 Special Topics 3 cr.

    ARHI 682 Graduate Seminar in Art History 3 cr.

    Considers current topics and various periods of art addressed in recent literature. These may deal with new discoveries of newly published works, methodological approaches, ideological issues, and controversies in the field. The concentration will vary and will concentrate on one area for the entire semester, i.e., Asian Art or Medieval Art. Students will be required to research an issue and present their results in written form, as well as in an informal class lecture. Prerequisite: Graduate standing and/or advanced art history major (undergraduate by permission of instructor).

    ARHI 683 Graduate Seminar in Theory and Criticism 3 cr.

    Introduces students to some of the most important theories shaping the world of visual art today. The course will not only contextualize these theories historically and culturally but also offer various opportunities of applying them.

    *Indicates dual-listed class