Geography: Geographic Information Science and Geospatial Techniques Certificate of Recognition

  • The Department of Geography and Regional Planning offers a program of study leading to a Certificate of Recognition in Geographic Information Science and Geospatial Techniques. This 18-credit program provides instruction on the concepts of geographic information sciences and the technical and applied aspects of geographic information systems and other geospatial technologies, such as remote sensing, global positioning systems, and spatial databases.

    The Certificate of Recognition in Geographic Information Science and Geospatial Techniques is designed for persons who already have an undergraduate degree from an accredited university and who are interested in increasing their knowledge base and skills in GIS to take advantage of opportunities in the job market. Students enrolled in the Certificate of Recognition program who become interested in pursuing a graduate degree in the department will be permitted to apply the maximum number of certificate credits allowed by the IUP School of Graduate Studies and Research toward a Master of Science degree. Students who complete the COR will have exposure to and grasp the nature of 1) the basis and logic of map projections and geographic coordinate systems; 2) geographic information systems hardware and software; 3) the basis and logic of various spatial data models and structures; 4) techniques for the assessment, planning, and development of spatial databases; 5) appropriate and accepted methods of spatial data analysis; and 6) representation of spatial and nonspatial data through maps and other techniques.

    Program Requirements

    All students will be required to complete successfully a total of 18 credits, of which nine hours (three courses) will be core courses. The student will need to choose nine hours (three courses) of electives to complete the program.

    Core Courses (9 cr.)

    GEOG 515 Remote Sensing 3 cr.
    GEOG 516 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems‡ 3 cr.
    GEOG 517 Technical Issues in GIS* 3 cr.

    Elective Courses (9 cr.)

    GEOG 513 Cartography 3 cr.
    GEOG 514 Map and Photograph Interpretation 3 cr.
    GEOG 521 Enterprise GIS Management* 3 cr.
    GEOG 618 GIS Applications Development* 3 cr.
    GEOG 675 Spatial Analysis Techniques* 3 cr.
    GEOG 680 Seminar† 3 cr.
    GEOG 681 Special Topics† 3 cr.
    GEOG 699 Independent Study† 3 cr.

    * Indicates that GEOG 516 Introduction to GIS is a prerequisite for the course.

    † Indicates that permission of the instructor is needed to enroll in the course.

    ‡ Indicates that GEOG 518 or GEOG 519 may be substituted at discretion of the COR committee.