Master’s Programs

  • M.A. in Adult and Community Education
    The Master of Arts in Adult and Community Education (ACE) is designed to develop leaders in the fields of adult and community education. Graduates from the program work in business and industry, hospitals and health related institutions, community agencies and more.
    M.A. in Adult Education and Communications Technology Track
    Graduates of the AECT program acquire knowledge and skills in theory and research in adult education and in the applications of current and emerging production technologies. Prepare for jobs which involve the delivery of education and training and the use of technology.
    M.A. in Applied Archaeology
    The M.A. program in applied archaeology is designed to meet a need for increased training of professional archaeologists employed in the fields of historic preservation, cultural resource management, and heritage planning and tourism.
    M.A. in Art
    The M.A. is a practice-oriented degree leading to personal creative development and achievement. The summer residency and blended online offerings are designed to accommodate the working art educator who desires a studio-focused degree.
    M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
    The Master of Arts in Clinical and Mental Health Counseling program prepares students to work in a variety of settings, including mental health centers, drug and alcohol treatment programs, specialized community agencies, vocational or rehabilitation programs, correctional institutions, health care settings, social services, and business and industry.
    M.A. in Criminology
    The program is designed for students who are preparing for doctoral studies, along with careers in research or the administration of criminal justice.
    M.A. in Employment and Labor Relations
    The Master of Arts in Employment and Labor Relations program prepares professional practitioners in the field of employment and labor relations in public and private management, unions, government agencies, and neutral and service organizations.
    M.A. in English
    The M.A. in English is designed for four unique groups of students: Those interested in gaining a generalist background in graduate English studies, students wanting to concentrate on literature, students seeking secondary English certification or seeking to enhance their existing skills in teaching English, and students who want to teach English to speakers of other languages.
    M.A. in History
    The history graduate program is designed to provide students with training appropriate to a wide range of professions in the field of history: Museum positions, archival work, library work, tourism and travel, editorial or administrative services and more.
    M.A. in Music Education
    The M.A. in Music Education offers students a range of experiences in music teaching and learning theory, research, and performance.