M.A. in Music Performance

  • The Performance degree is designed to enhance musicianship, technique, and knowledge of a variety of musical styles, with the goal of preparing students for a career in the performing arts. Applicants may choose a principal performing area from conducting, all major instruments, or voice.

    The performance degree thesis includes a recital in the principal performing area, as well as a research document pertaining to the literature presented. This research document should include aesthetic research into areas such as the history, analysis, performance practice, and teaching strategies of their recital literature.

    Admissions Criteria

    In addition to meeting School of Graduate Studies and Research requirements, the applicant must meet Music Department admission requirements. All applicants must have an undergraduate degree with major in music or its demonstrated equivalent. Applicants for the Performance degree must complete a satisfactory audition on their major instrument (specific audition requirements are available upon application). In addition to these requirements, the department may request additional supporting evidence of adequate preparation in specific concentration areas. Once accepted to a specific program of study, all music graduate students will be required to take a diagnostic exam in Music Theory and History prior to attending classes, so that advisors may better direct the students in their degree programs.

    Program Requirements

    Master of Arts in Music Performance (31 cr.)

    I. Core Courses (9 cr.)

    MUSC 516 Analytical Techniques 3 cr.
    LIBR 600 Bibliography of Music 3 cr.
    MUSC 632 Research Techniques in Music 3 cr.

    II. Applied Music Courses (12 cr.)

    APMU 601-771 12 cr.

    III. Electives (6 cr.)

    (Music Theory or Music History courses and others as approved by advisor)

    IV. Thesis (4 cr.)

    MUSC 795 Thesis 4 cr.

    At least 50 percent of the courses must be 600 level or above.

    A maximum of three hours of ensembles (MUSC 575) can be approved for credit toward any of the degree programs.