M.A. in History

  • The Department of History offers the M.A. degree with either a 30-credit (thesis) or a 36-credit (non-thesis) option. Students must complete a research requirement and a subject matter requirement. Courses in American, European, Non-Western, and public history are available.

    Traditionally, most historians have become teachers. But increasingly, historians are seeking employment in nonteaching fields, including careers in museum, archival, library work, or tourism and travel. Historical societies provide editorial and administrative openings, and publishing companies hire historians for both sales and editorial services. The history graduate program is designed to provide students with training appropriate to a wide range of professional goals in the field of history.

    Program Requirements

    A minimum of 30 semester hours is required or 36 semester hours for those electing not to write a thesis or electing to pursue the Public History track. Within these general requirements is a nine-semester-hour research requirement consisting of HIST 614 Research Methods (or a substitution approved by the department) and six HIST 601 seminar credits, or HIST 614 and six HIST 795 thesis credits. The remaining hours are selected from the subject matter courses. Six semester hours may, with approval, be from related disciplines.

    Students pursuing the Public History track must complete 36 semester hours as outlined below:

    I. Research requirement

    HIST 614 Research Methods 3 cr.
    HIST 795 Thesis 6 cr.


    Two seminars (one with a local history focus)


    HIST 605 Introduction to Public History 3 cr.
    HIST 606 Topics in Public History¹ 3 cr.

    III. Internship (6 cr.)

    IV. Approved electives (15 cr.)

    Failure to consult the department prior to registering for courses may delay the completion of a master’s degree.

    ¹ Under special circumstances, another appropriate course in a public history specialization may be substituted for HIST 606.