Certificate of Recognition in Gifted Education

  • This Certificate of Recognition (COR) in Gifted Education is intended to improve the knowledge base of those teaching and supporting gifted learners.

    Four courses (12 graduate credits taken in any order) provide a foundation in identification, program development, assessment, and social/cultural factors related to the education of gifted students. Applicants must have already earned a bachelors degree and meet all other IUP criteria for COR admission.

    Program Objectives:

    After completing the Certificate of Recognition Program in Gifted Education, the student will have studied:

    • Historical foundations of gifted and talented education
    • Laws and policies related to gifted and talented education
    • The impact of the dominant culture on shaping schools and the individuals who study and work in them
    • Affective characteristics of individuals with gifts and talents in intellectual, academic, creative, leadership, and artistic domains
    • A variety of methods for identifying and assessing students with extraordinary potential
    • Family systems and the role of families in supporting development and educational progress for students with gifts and talents
    • Cultural perspectives influencing the relationship among families, schools, and communities as related to effective instruction
    • Acceleration, enrichment, and counseling with a continuum of service options for individuals with gifts and talents
    • Strategies for crisis prevention and intervention
    • Procedures for communication with school personnel about the characteristics and needs of individuals with gifts and talents
    • Effective communication with families of individuals with gifts and talents from diverse backgrounds
    • Theoretical models, program prototypes, and educational principles that offer appropriate foundations for the development of differentiated programming for gifted students
    • Various teaching styles and instructional strategies to help gifted students meet their individual needs
    • Effective use of such techniques as grouping for appropriate instruction and individualized planning to assist gifted students in realizing their unique potentials
    • Integration perspectives of diverse groups into planning instruction for individuals with gifts and talents

    Program Requirements:

    All students will be required to successfully complete a total of twelve credits of course work. The students will complete the following courses:

    EDEX 409/509 Instructional Strategies for Gifted Learners
    EDSP 423/523 Educational Programming for Gifted Learners
    EDEX 621 Models of Teaching for Gifted Learners
    EDSP 624 Social, Emotional, and Cultural Factors in the Education of Gifted Learners

    Admission Prerequisites:

    Students admitted to graduate or teacher education programs in the IUP College of Education and Educational Technology would have no additional admission requirements to meet in order to take any or all of the courses in the COR. Students in other IUP graduate programs would also be eligible. However, a discussion with the program advisor prior to registration regarding the educational emphasis of the COR is recommended for these students. Special status, non-degree applicants, who are already certified teachers, would be eligible after meeting only the criteria for admission to the Graduate School in this category. Uncertified, special status, non-degree applicants already holding a bachelor’s degree could be admitted to the COR at the discretion of the program advisor providing that they met the criteria for admission to the Graduate School in this category.