2012–2013 Certificate Programs and Certifications

  • Transfer Credits for Certificates of Recognition

    All credits may be transferred between a COR and a graduate degree program at the recommendation of the program and approval of the School of Graduate Studies and Research, and these transfer credits must otherwise adhere to existing SGSR transfer credit policy. Transfer credits from other institutions are not permitted, unless the COR is part of an interinstitutional cooperative program.

  • Counseling License Only Option
    The License Only Option is designed for individuals who need additional credits to meet state standards for counseling licensure.
    Geography: Geographic Information Science and Geospatial Techniques Certificate of Recognition
    The Department of Geography and Regional Planning offers a program of study leading to a Certificate of Recognition in Geographic Information Science and Geospatial Techniques.
    Post-Master’s Certification in School Psychology
    The Certification in School Psychology (33 credits) is designed to provide the student with specific clinical skills necessary to function as a school psychologist.
    School Counseling Certification Only
    Those students already possessing a master’s degree and desiring School Counseling certification (elementary or secondary) may apply to the counseling program for “Certification Only” status.
    Supervisor of Pupil Services
    Students in the doctoral program may take additional course work and field experiences toward certification by the Pennsylvania Department of Education as a supervisor of pupil services.