Concurrent Admission Policy

  • Beginning with the Fall 2011 term, students will be permitted to seek concurrent admission to a second program, as long as that program is a nondegree graduate program. Such programs might include: certification, licensure, and certificate of recognition (concurrent admission is permitted only with department approval).

    Students are not permitted to hold concurrent enrollment in two degree programs.

    Students interested in concurrent admission must apply to each program and gain admission to each. (Admission to one program does not guarantee admission to the second.) The application process for each program remains unaltered from the usual application process defined for that program.

    Students may opt, with the advisement of their degree program advisor, to take coursework that is applicable to the nondegree program; however, counting such credits in both programs must conform to the current Transfer Credit Policy. That is, no more that twelve (12) credits earned in one program may be counted in a second program at IUP, unless there is a course-to-course match between the COR and the degree program. In such cases where there is a course-to-course match, all COR courses may be counted as part of the degree program or, conversely, as part of the COR. In either case, counting courses in each program would exhaust the student’s option for other transfer credits to be considered.

    With respect to assistantship eligibility, students concurrently enrolled would have eligibility for an assistantship only in those semesters when the student is enrolled in a minimum of nine credits in the degree program.

    Both the degree program and the nondegree program will appear on the transcript upon the completion of each.