COR: Criminology Law Enforcement Leadership in WMD

  • The Department of Criminology offers a program of study leading to a Certificate of Recognition (COR)–Criminology/Law Enforcement Leadership in WMD. The Certificate of Recognition–Criminology/Law Enforcement Leadership in WMD is designed for those individuals who already have a bachelor’s degree and have experience in the criminal justice system. Professionals who would benefit from this certificate are individuals who are working closely with both the private and public sector to secure the nation’s critical infrastructure.

    Prospective students should consult with the department regarding their qualifications and program availability.

    Program Requirements

    The following six credits of existing graduate-level coursework in Criminology will be required of all students in this COR:

    CRIM 600 Criminological Theory 3 cr.
    CRIM 601 Proseminar 3 cr.

    The remaining nine credit hours of electives will come from the following course list:

    CRIM 605 Research Methods 3 cr.
    CRIM 632 Organizational Dynamics within the Criminal Justice System 3 cr.
    CRIM 681 Special Topics 3 cr.
    CRIM 791 Synthesis Project 3 cr.
    SAFE 606 Hazardous Materials Management 3 cr.
    SAFE 673 Disaster Preparedness 3 cr.
    SAFE 681 Special Topics 3 cr.
    SDR 586 Selected Topics in SDR 1-6 cr.
    SDR 600 Effects of Biological Materials Use 5 cr.
    SDR 601 Advanced Characterization Theory and Practical Applications Using GC/MS, FT-IR, and Organic Chemistry 5 cr.
    SDR 602 Short- and Long-Term Effects of Radiological Materials Use 2 cr.