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How is the Commission Structured?

The commission was originally comprised of five standing committees and a steering committee made up of the commission chair, assistant chair and the chairperson of each of the standing committees. The standing committees were: Education and Training; Teaching and Curriculum; Policies and Procedures; Student Services and Activities; and Finances. These committees met and prioritized a list of possible projects for their group.

In the fall of 1999, the steering committee decided to restructure the commission around the prioritized projects. With many initial goals fulfilled, members look to future projects, such as “Love Makes a Family,” and a GLBT-centered course, with great optimism. The commission continues to operate around central projects with the steering committee overseeing progress and developing long range goals.

How can I become involved with the Safe Zone Project?

The Safe Zone Project is an initiative where faculty and staff can volunteer to go through a training session on GLBT issues and become a resource person or just a friendly ear for students or even other faculty and staff. To get an application for the training, or for more information about the Safe Zone, see the Safe Zone website.

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