• Spanish students speaking in class

    FROM HISPANIC SHORT STORIES TO MAYAN NUMBERS — Among Professor Lydia H. Rodríguez’s (at center) most popular courses are Hispanic Short Story, Spanish American Prose, U.S. Latina/Chicana Literature, and The Maya: Culture, Literature, and Numbers.

    Study Spanish with the Program that Works Best for You

    Undergraduates may choose from two Spanish majors, a minor, and an honors track offered in Spanish.

     Many IUP students choose to double major in Spanish in order to enhance their job prospects in fields of business, criminology, social services, and tourism.

    BA in Spanish

    • Learn Spanish to become better equipped for today’s global society.
    • Consider a double major in Spanish to enhance your job prospects.
    • Once you earn your BA, go on to graduate studies in fields such as history, international studies, politics, Spanish literature, or Spanish linguistics.
    • Take advantage of your study abroad requirement and immerse yourself in Spanish. Spend at least four weeks in Spain, Costa Rica, or Mexico.

    BSEd in Spanish Education K-12

    • Go through a three-step process for teacher certification: Step 1 is the application for teacher education and a mid-program review assessing your proficiency; Step 2 is the application for student teaching; Step 3 involves the applications for graduation and Pennsylvania teacher certification.
    • Learn how to think critically and accept responsibility for your own learning.
    • Acquire the skills necessary to teach language, culture, and literature, and the philosophical knowledge to understand your multifaceted role as an educator.
    • Study abroad for at least four weeks. Choose to go to Spain, Costa Rica, or Mexico.

    Minor in Spanish

    • Pursue a Spanish minor and increase your job opportunities.
    • Pair a Spanish minor with any major on campus and become more marketable.
    • This minor consists of an 18- to 22-credit course of study covering intermediate Spanish language with coursework in Hispanic literature and culture.
    • Add to your experience by studying abroad.

    Spanish Honors Program

    • Apply in your junior year
    • Must have a minimum overall GPA of 3.25 as well as a Spanish GPA of 3.25.
    • Must complete the 12-credit honors sequence.
    • Particularly useful for students interested in pursuing graduate work in Spanish.