College of Fine Arts Technical Support

  • The following staff members provide technology services for the College of Fine Arts:

    Tim Estep, College Technology Manager

    Mr. Estep is responsible for the entire technology infrastructure of the college. He assists the dean in managing the college’s infrastructure and technology resources and works closely with the dean, assistant deans, and the faculty.

    Associated Links

    Help Desk

    The CFA Online Helpdesk is the primary conduit to request assistance for the College of Fine Arts Technology Office. The Technology Office is designed to assist the faculty and staff of the College of Fine arts with computers and other technology-related problems. These problems can be hardware and/or software related. We perform hardware and software installations of IUP-owned software and equipment, advise users on technical purchase decisions, and manage all classroom technologies within the College of Fine Arts. The College Technology Office supports Apple Macintosh and Windows platforms.

    College Lab Information 

    The College of Fine Arts has many computer areas available to students and faculty members. The college labs include small cluster labs for specific purposes, as well as departmental and collegewide labs. Included is a list of how many computers are available and what other equipment and software is available, as well as time of availability.

    College Utilities 

    Official College of Fine Arts computing policies, statements, guidelines, and forms related to information technology.

    Supported Software 

    The College Technology Office supports a wide range of software available for college-owned equipment. Here you will find what makes up the base configuration, as well as a list of available software.