Winter Session Financial Aid Opportunities

  • Students attending the Winter Session may potentially be eligible for additional financial aid funding to assist with Winter Session costs if enrolled in the subsequent spring semester at IUP. Financial aid for the Winter Session is not guaranteed and may require action on the student’s part for some aid programs, such as federal or private loans (see details below). 

    Students who are part-time, undergraduate students in the spring 2015 semester (i.e., less than 12 credits in the spring semester) who are otherwise eligible for PHEAA State or Pell grant funding may be eligible for an increased grant(s). The Pell Grant/PHEAA State Grant review will be completed by the Financial Aid office at the completion of the Drop/Add period for the spring semester.

    If you are changing grade levels after fall term, notify the Financial Aid Office for possible Direct Loan consideration. 

    Students who would like additional funding in a PLUS or alternative loan may apply. Please indicate on the PLUS or alternative loan application that this funding is for the period of January 20, 2015, through May 8, 2015, since all financial aid for winter term is processed and paid to the student account in spring term, after drop/add ends.

    For more on how to apply for these loan programs, see the PLUS/Alternative Loan section of our website.

    Any financial aid awarded as a result of attendance in the Winter Session will be paid to the student’s account during the spring 2015 semester. Spring enrollment is required in order to be considered for winter financial aid.