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Active Capital Projects

The following list and description of projects is intended to give the reader a summary of active work being performed or planned by the Facilities Management Department. The projects are in various stages of implementation, but each description should provide information about the scope of work, the general status of the project, and the disruption, if any, that our campus community can expect with each.

This list will be updated on a regular basis with major changes announced in IUP Daily. It is hopeful that this information will prove helpful as you plan your activities on our campus. Please do not hesitate to contact the Facilities Management Department ( should you require additional information regarding these projects.

Active Capital Projects: April 2014
Location Project Scope Completion Date
Campus-wide:  ADA Study
This project will provide an updated campus map showing accessible routes, parking spaces, and building entrances.  It will also provide a new base map for campus.
Campus-wide: Annual Physical Plant Improvements This project provides the means to make incidental physical plant improvements throughout the year. Ongoing
Campus-wide: Door Replacements
This is an annual project funded to keep entrance doors in good condition. Each year, a group of doors is selected for replacement.
Campus-wide: Perform Infrared Survey
This project funds the aerial infrared survey which will be used to identify energy leaks.
Campus-wide: Perform Space Study This project funds the update of the 2008 university-wide space study. 4/14
Campus-wide:  Summer Program Reparation, Restoration, and Protective Coating Program This project funds a work crew dedicated to repairing and painting fixtures and facilities in need of deferred maintenance attention. 9/14
 Dining Facilities
IUP began the process of building two new dining facilities and renovating Folger Hall. A new food court will be constructed in the space between Sprowls Hall and Stabley Library; a new full-service dining facility will be constructed where Keith is currently located; Folger will be renovated and returned to a full-service dining facility.

Phase I: 7/14

Phase II: 6/16

Environmental Health and Safety: Hazmat Mitigation This work entails the removal of hazardous materials discovered during maintenance repairs or before small, in-house projects are started. (as needed--rolling project)


Environmental Health and Safety: Hazmat Testing Hazardous material testing for various needs. (as needed--rolling project) Ongoing
 Folger: Replace steam line from Grant Street to Maple Street and Pratt Drive
This project will replace the steam line near Folger Hall.
Grant Street: Traffic Study This project studies the effects of closing Grant Street. 10/14
 Humanities Building:  Chiller Plant Upgrade
This phase increases the capacity of the chiller plant by 2,000 tons to accommodate the new humanities building and future building development.
Humanities Building: Construction This phase of the commonwealth capital funded project is for construction of a new College of Humanities and Social Sciences building. 11/15
Humanities Building: Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment This phase of the commonwealth capital funded project is for the outfitting of a new College of Humanities and Social Sciences building. 12/15
Infrastructure: Establishment of walkway along the north side of Stouffer Hall This project provides for installation of a new formal walkway adjacent to the north side of Stouffer Hall, from 12th Street to Papermill Avenue, along Willow Avenue.
Infrastructure: Installation of Utilities for Hotel Installation of all utilities to support the KCAC Hotel. TBD
Infrastructure: Life-Cycle Maintenance of Steam System This effort occurs every year and the work performed in this week-long preventive maintenance effort is considered to be the major reason that the campus experiences very few, if any, unplanned outages with the steam and electric infrastructure. 5/14
Infrastructure:  Summer Program Sidewalk Renovations and Improvements on Indiana Campus Each year, a special, temporary crew is hired to renovate and improve sidewalks, curbs, crosswalks, and steps throughout the university’s main campus.  9/14
Memorial Field House: External Door Replacement This project will mainly address the poor condition of the exterior doors at MFH, including improving ADA access, improving security, and replacing of obsolete door hardware. This is expected to be a three-year project. 9/15
Miller Stadium: Visitors' Bleacher Repairs This project funds the repair of the bleachers using the recommendation of the professional safety inspection. 4/14
Miller Stadium:  Scoreboard Installation
This project entails the demolition of the existing scoreboard and the installation of a new scoreboard on the west end of the turf field. 4/14
Parking Garage: Life Cycle Maintenance Funded by parking revenues, the parking garage undergoes a rigorous maintenance routine each year.  5/14
Robertshaw: Insulation of Outside Walls This project entails installation of insulation in the exterior walls of the front offices of the building. 4/14
Robertshaw: Main Entrance Renovation This project includes a new window wall and door system for the Robertshaw main entranceway.  5/14
Roof Maintenance: Replacement Phase I This project includes replacing the roofs of various buildings on the Indiana campus. 4/14
Sprowls: Courtyard Installation
Installation of a new courtyard for Sprowls and Cogswell outdoor areas. 9/14
Sutton: Installation of Fire Release on Gorell Hall Doors This project will provide hold-open/fire release capability for the entry doors to Gorell Hall. 6/14
Weyandt: Feasibility Study for New Science Facility This project funds the feasibility study for the new science building. 10/14
Zink: Masonry Repairs
This project's goal is to correct the masonry wall flashing problems to mitigate the water infiltration. 9/14
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