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Major and Career Exploration

Did you ever wonder how the magician pulled the rabbit out of his hat? Finding the career that is right for you may seem just as mystical and mystifying, but with some help you will discover that, just as with the magician and his rabbit, once you know how to do the trick, it is not magic at all.

You probably have already or will soon experience the pressure to decide about a career. The first question people ask you when they find out you are in college is “What is your major?” You will be asked this question from now until you graduate, and not having the answer can be very frustrating. Nevertheless, it is okay to be struggling with this question! In fact, it can even be to your advantage to be undecided. “Decided” people often quit exploring, thinking that they have all the answers.

The right career is out there for you, and you can find it. If you want to figure out how to pull this rabbit out of your hat, you have come to the right place. The Major and Career Exploration Center can help put a few tricks up your sleeve.

See also Still Deciding?, which will lead you to Major Match, a database to help you match your interests to fields of study.

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