Questions about the IUP Emergency Notification System

  • Why did I get an Opt Out message?

    The first time you receive an SMS message from IUP, your listed cell phone will also receive an extra Opt Out text message. U.S. Consumer Protection Law and wireless carriers require that an Opt Out (Option to Stop incoming messages) be sent to every unique wireless mobile number to which a text message will be initiated. It is strongly advised that you DO NOT reply to this message. If you choose Opt Out for the notification system, this means that you will not receive ANY messages about school emergencies, closings, class cancellations, etc. You will only receive the Opt Out message once.

    What does the Opt Out message mean?

    The purpose of the Opt Out message is to warn that your wireless carrier will charge you a standard text messaging fee (usually 5¢ to 20¢) if you DO NOT have any text messaging package on your wireless device, therefore giving you an option to stop any future text messages initiated by IUP concerning school emergencies, closings, class cancellations, etc. If you DO have a text messaging plan on your wireless phone, NO additional charges will apply.

    I sent “Stop” by mistake. How do I Opt back In to the system?

    If you are not receiving IUP emergency notifications, or if you have chosen to Opt Out of receiving Emergency Notification voice/text messages, you can Opt In to be included in the notification list.

    Call the 2SMS support number at 877-276-7266 or send an e-mail message to with your cell phone number and the request “Please opt my number back in to the system to receive messages from IUP.” You will then receive the Opt Out message with the option to reply with “STOP.” Do not reply to this message! If you do,it will immediately remove you again from the system.

    What is SMS?

    Short Message Service (SMS) is a communications protocol allowing the interchange of short text messages between mobile telephone devices.

    Why did I get a text message? I didn’t sign up and am not part of IUP.

    If you received an Opt Out or emergency message from IUP and you are not a member of the IUP community, you still may be listed as an emergency contact by your student or an associate at IUP.