• James Begany

    Vice President for Enrollment Management and Communications
    Sutton Hall, Suite 102A
    (724) 357-7544

    Susan Bacha

    Administrative Assistant
    Sutton Hall, Suite 102A

    Michelle Fryling

    Executive Director of Communications and Media Relations
    Sutton Hall, Room 314

    Stacy Hopkins

    Executive Director of Undergraduate Admissions
    Sutton Hall, Suite 120

    Tiffany Eicher

    Interim Director of Financial Aid
    Clark Hall, Room 200

    Patricia McCarthy

    Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management
    Sutton Hall, Suite 101

    Paula Stossel

    Assistant Vice President for Graduate Enrollment Management and Processing
    Sutton Hall, G27

    Tammy Manko

    Director, Career and Professional Development Center
    Pratt Hall, Suite 302

    Michael Powers

    Director of Electronic Communications
    Sutton Hall, Room 309

    Enid Resenic

    Director of Administrative Services
    Culinary Admissions
    1012 Winslow Street,
    Punxsutawney, PA 15767