BA in English, Pre-Law Course Descriptions

  • Bachelor of Arts in English/Pre-Law

    ACCT 201 Accounting Principles I
    ACCT 202 Accounting Principles II
    BLAW 235 Legal Environment of Business 

    CRIM 210 Criminal Law
    CRIM 215 Survey of Courts and the Criminal Justice System
    CRIM 255 Law, Social Control, and Society

    ECON 121 Principles of Economics I
    ECON 122 Principles of Economics II
    ECON 332 Government and Business

    HIST 320 History of England to 1688
    HIST 321 History of England, 1688 to Present
    HIST 346 Recent U.S. History

    PHIL101 Informal Logic: Methods of Critical Thinking
    PHIL 222 Ethics
    PHIL 450 Philosophy of Law

    Political Science
    PLSC 358 Judicial Process
    PLSC 359 Constitutional Law and Civil Liberties
    PLSC 361 Modern Political Thought

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