English Literary, Textual, and Cultural Studies Track, BA

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    VARIETY AND FRESH PERSPECTIVES:  From Shakespeare and the Literature of Emerging Nations to Film Theory and Environmental Literature, you'll have the freedom to choose many of your major courses from a variety of topics.

    Delve into history, meaning, function, and aesthetics

    In the English Studies program, you'll develop professional skills and knowledge with the help of award-winning faculty known around the world for superb teaching and innovative approaches to literature, language, critical thinking, and writing.

    By specializing in Literary, Textual, and Cultural Studies, you'll gain expertise in the history, meaning, function, and aesthetics of literary texts from around the world and across time. As you learn to critically analyze poetry, plays, novels, short stories, and digital texts, you'll also come to understand how race, gender, sexual orientation, and identity affect our interactions with both traditional and nontraditional literature.