Course Offerings

    • ENGL 674 Bibliographical Methods in English
      • Practical training in special methods and materials of research in English.
    • ENGL 675 Literature and the International Student
      • Develops the reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills needed for success by the international student in the graduate study of literature in the American university. Examines the principles of literary analysis, research, and documentation in the United States and orients the student to the American library system and the American college classroom.
    • ENGL 676 Critical Approaches to Literature
      • Focuses on theoretical and applied approaches to literary criticism. Introduces such approaches as they have been historically developed and are currently practiced and considers how familiarity with a variety of critical methods enhances the appreciation and teaching of literature.
    • ENGL 753 Studies in Literature as a Profession
      • There are many ways in which students can prepare themselves to be competitive and successful when they enter the English literature professions. Focusing on the practical aspects of literature as a profession, this course will cover a variety of topics including the job market, publishing, defining a field of study, writing in relevant genres, and teaching. Although appropriate for any student in the master’s or doctoral program, this course is aimed at those students seeking employment at the university level and/or those who are looking to develop their academic research and writing skills. The purpose of this course is to provide a space in which students can engage in intensive work on the project or projects of their choice while situating that work within broader scholarly and professional communities. Students will become fully immersed in the profession by studying the resources relevant to their chosen fields and careers. This course is offered as an elective for M.A. and Ph.D. students, and it will also fill the Research Skills requirement.
    • ENGL 760 Teaching College Literature
      • Examines current research on teaching college literature and involves ongoing observation and practice of teaching strategies. Special attention is given to the impact of critical theory and such issues as canon, race, class, and gender in specific classroom settings.
    • ENGL 761 Topics in American Literature Before 1870
      • Studies major figures, movements, or topics in American literature from the Colonial Period through 1870. The content of the course will be determined by the individual instructor and announced in advance.
    • ENGL 762 Topics in American Literature Since 1870
      • Studies major topics, authors, and movements in American literature from 1870 to the present. Specific course content is chosen by the instructor and announced in advance.
    • ENGL 763 Topics in British Literature Before 1660
      • Studies major figures, movements, or topics within the period. The specific content of the course is determined by the instructor and announced in advance.
    • ENGL 764 Topics in British Literature Since 1660
      • Studies major figures, movements, and topics in British literature within the period 1660 to the present. Content of the course will be determined by the instructor and announced in advance.
    • ENGL 765 Topics in Literature as Genre
      • Examines one literary genre (such as novel, drama, or film), its development, and its current practice and theories. The course also surveys the major recent critical approaches to the genre.
    • ENGL 766 Topics in Comparative Literature
      • Introduces the theory and methods of comparative literary analysis. Topics include the relationships between literatures of different countries, between literary genres, and between literature and other related fields. The specific course content is chosen by the instructor and announced in advance.
    • ENGL 771 Topics in Postmodern Literature
      • Investigates the postmodern reaction to the modern literary tradition and the experimentation it engendered. Focuses on how postmodern critics and writers have responded to modernist manifestations of character, narrative, and theme and explores the critical, pedagogical, and philosophical implications and assumptions of postmodern literature, assessing its role in contemporary culture and thought.
    • ENGL 772 Topics in Women’s Literature
      • Reexamines nineteenth-century works by women in light of feminist perspectives. Studies twentieth-century works within and outside feminine and feminist traditions. Also considers works by black, Chicano, Native American, and Asian-American women.
    • ENGL 773 Topics in American or British Minority Literature
      • Examines the literature of one or more American or British minorities (for example, Native Americans, immigrants, blacks, Chicanos). The focus and subject matter of the course will be chosen by the faculty member and announced in advance. 
    • ENGL 795 Thesis

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