ENGL 772-872 Topics in Women's Lit Fall 2012

  • Comparative Postcolonial & American Multiethnic Women’s Literature
    Dr. Lingyan Yang
    TR 2:00-3:15

    This “Comparative Postcolonial & American Multiethnic Women’s Literatures” graduate course introduces the diverse, dynamic and empowering literary traditions of the 20th century Anglophone Postcolonial and American Multiethnic (Asian American, American Indian, Latina American, and African American) Women’s Literatures. Interpreting selected novel, autobiography, poetry, and short stories in these 5 literary traditions by women writers and artists, we will pay most critical attention to women's writings, feminist aesthetics, women’s cultures, women's spiritual legacies, and women’s politics. Our literary analysis will be informed by a rich range of powerful and clear theoretical articles on postcolonial Third World Feminism and American multiethnic feminist cultural criticisms. Mediating between language, gender, genre, culture and power, we will analyze the various narrative styles, poetics; textual, sexual and cultural politics in their more diverse historical, social, cultural, intellectual, and sexual contexts. Our interpretations of these artists and texts will be enriched and complicated by the critical categories of decolonization, history, gender, class, sexuality, ethnicity, race, geography and nation. Requirements include active participation in class discussions, one 15-minute individual oral presentation, numerous informal responses, and a 15-20 page final research paper. If you have questions, please email lingyan@iup.edu. All are very welcome .

    Reading List:

    Tsitsi Dangarembga, Nervous Conditions (1988)
    Nadine Gordimer, Burger’s Daughter (1979)
    Maxine Hong Kingston, The Woman Warrior (1976)
    Bharati Mukherjee, Jasmine (1989)
    Leslie Marmon Silko, Ceremony (1977)
    Louis Erdrich, Love Medicine (1984)
    Sandra Cisneros, The House on Mango Street (1984)
    Zora Neale Hurston, Their Eyes Were Watching God (1937)

    I will also prepare a course pack with selected theoretical articles on postcolonial Third World feminism and American multiethnic feminist cultural criticism, a few short stories and poems. For those folks who have taken my En 956 previously, this En 872/772 course pack is thinner and more affordable with the theoretical articles completely different from those read in En 956, with the exception of 2-3 articles. Enjoy.