Program Requirements

  • The courses offered in the Composition and Literature MA at IUP prepare students to excel in a variety of career choices, particularly teaching at the community-college level, or doctoral work. All classes in the Composition and Literature MA are offered in a traditional course format.

    Below are the required courses for the Composition and Literature MA:

    Core Courses (15 credits)

    All five courses are required:

    ENGL 630: Research in Teaching Literacy and Literature
    ENGL 632: Composition Theory and Practice
    ENGL 674: Research Trends in English
    ENGL 676:  Critical Approaches to Literature                                                
    ENGL 757 Digital Composition, Literature, and Pedagogy

    Literature Required and Elective Courses (9 credits)


    ENGL 760: Teaching College Literature                                                                      

    Choose one course: (3 cr)

    ENGL 761 Topics in American Literature before 1870
    ENGL 762: Topics in American Literature after 1870       
    ENGL 763 Topics in British Literature before 1660
    ENGL 764 Topics in British Literature after 1660                

    Choose one course: (3 cr)

    ENGL 765 Topics in Literature as Genre                 
    ENGL 766: Topics in Comparative Literature
    ENGL 771: Topics in Postmodern Literature    
    ENGL 772 Topics in Women’s Literature
    ENGL 773 Topics in American or British Minority Literature

    Composition Required and Elective Courses (total 9 cr)


    ENGL 730 Teaching Writing

    Choose two courses (6 cr)

    ENGL 705 Language and Social Context                    
    ENGL 734 Linguistics and the English Teacher               
    ENGL 742 Cross-Cultural Communication                   
    ENGL 754 World Englishes in Composition and Applied Linguistics   
    ENGL 767 Research on Writing Centers and Writing Program Administration 

    Open Electives Choose (3 cr)

    Choose one course

    Three additional semester hours of electives approved by the MA program coordinator. Any MA-level course offered in composition or literature not already applied to a program requirement may be taken. Up to three credit hours may be taken outside of the English Department.

    Total Credit Hours: 36

    For general English course descriptions, please review the Graduate Catalog. For other related program information, please consult the Composition and Literature MA Handbook.

    Checksheets for Academic Advising/Planning: